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Watchdog (Compliance) Reports

Our cloud-based media monitoring software captures and helps to provide a detailed report on all detections for brands campaigns which guarantee positive Return on media investment and workflow efficiency.

Share of Voice by Frequency Reports

Measure how much frequency your campaign is getting compared to your competitors, and see whether your media strategies are on point or needs to be reviewed

Industry Trend Reports

Based on our robust monitoring process accross traditional media platforms, we provide media industry information that helps to understand brands and category seasonality,total advertising spend,trends etc within the media landscape.

OOH Monitoring Reports:

We provide compliance report on your OOH exposures and also reliable data that guides your analysis, insights, and digested intelligence reports that are easy to understand and effective to your plans. Moreover, emphasizing your budget effectiveness

Reconciled (Compliance) Reports

For a quick review and understanding of brand campaigns,we provide reconciled monitoring and summary report in line with the approved media plan.

Share of Voice by Duration/Engagement Reports

We also aggregate and measure how much engagement you are getting compared to your competitors, and see whether your marketing strategies are actually working

Below the Line /Activation Monitoring

For an effective understanding of events during your BTL campaigns, We do monitor and provide comprehensive report that details every action and feedback about the brand.

Mobile Buses/Taxi Monitoring Reports

With the continous push by brands for opportunity to harness more touchpoints for strategic brand marketing. Buses and bus terminals are very effective when it comes to outdoor advertising,for which we provide effective monitoring to confirm actual deployment along the specified routes.

In Store Mall Radio Monitoring

We also provide compliance report to check adherence to the In-store radio commercials for brands in accordance with the media and rotation schedules.

Share of Expenditure Reports

Based on our monitoring across all the traditional media platforms, we provide detailed advertising spend per category using each platform`s spend cost per exposure.

Advertising Cluster Reports

Understand the cluster levels of brands playing within your category via the medium, stations used, timebelts,copy duration etc

Newspapers Monitoring

We receive and aggregate daily, weekly, and monthly reports on the news stories/exposures that are related to your brand and competition.

Gross Rating Points Reports

We also provide report to measure the size of an audience that an advertising campaign impacts.